How to Configure "Desk Booking Reminder 1" for Desk Bookings

The Desk Booking Reminder 1 notifies desk users that their booking is about to start and prompts users to cancel the desk booking if it's no longer required to free up the desk for others.

Log in to the admin portal here and sign in using the correct method for your organisation.

In the navigation menu on the left, click "Configuration" and then "Notification Settings" in the drop-down menu.

Click on the "Select a notification" drop-down menu and select "Desk Booking Reminder 1". View the current settings (if any) then click "Edit Alert" to make changes.

You can change two things in these settings;

  • Action Time (mins) -  This is how you can adjust the time the notification appears before the booking starts. 15 minutes is a good estimate, as this gives users time to make adjustments to the booking before it starts.                                                                                      
  • Current Status - This is how you can turn the notification on (Active) or off (Deactive)

Once changes have been made, click "SAVE".

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