How to Configure Alerts

By configuring alerts as an admin, you can remind users to keep up to date with certain measures around the workplace. 

The alerts are designed to offer a regular reminder to users about internal policies that can be significant to health and safety. Alerts are set up as push notifications through the mobile app, which will need to be installed on the user’s phone to ensure they get the alert.

Alerts are sent Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 to all employees. 

Simply head into Restrictions/COVID-19 and select Alerts. Once you’re on this page you can edit the two alerts to your company’s policy.

Hand cleaning is an essential part of our daily life (especially now) so we have the reminder for employees to wash their hands through a push notification on their mobile app. Admins can set reminder intervals by choosing the occurrence of which the reminder is sent by setting minutes.

And they can set the reminder message that is sent out. This can only be a short text-only message.

Policy updates can also be enabled or disabled to remind users of an important company policy, through the push notifications on the mobile app. Admins can also set a timed interval for those reminders too. If needed to enable the reminders, it uses days instead of minutes. 

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