How to Create a New Desk Booking Using the Web App

Creating a new desk booking is quick and easy using our Space Connect Web App and here’s how you do it!

Follow this link to our Space Connect Web App and enter your email address to be taken to the right login method for your organisation.

Once you’re all logged in you can then start booking your desk. To select a location simply click on “location” within update preferences and select the correct location and level.  You can look for the resources you require by using the “resource” section within update preferences. Select the time frame and date you wish to create your booking (if your company only allows all-day booking, you will not see the time frame) and you will see the desks available within your selection.

If you’re using interactive maps all you need to do once you have selected the right date and criteria is click on a desk and click book. Green indicates the available desks and red means that the desk is already booked.

If you’re not using a map or you would prefer a list, please click on “list” at the top of the page and you can choose to book from a list view instead.

If your organisation allows block booking and you wish to make a block booking, simply toggle on block booking, and select the days you wish to book. For example, you could book every Monday and Friday for the next 20 days. Each day will be given a separate booking and can be cancelled individually.

You will then see your booking confirmation for either method of booking your desk and Tada! You’re all done and made your first desk booking!

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