2nd April 2024

APP & ADMIN 2.6.4

  • Admin Portal / Users - A raft of improvements to improve the UX of the Users page.
    • Search - Ability to find users based on Name or email.
    • Edit - Ability to set Zone information and RFID/NFC content directly from the edit screen of a user.
    • Delete - Ability to delete user accounts that you no longer want in the software.
    • No Role Users Toggle - Additional filtering enables visibility of users with no role if required.
  • Zone visibility - We now display zone information in the Booking App information panel. 
Information Panel - Zone Information
  • Booking Icons - The manage bookings desktop view now benefits from the same iconography as the mobile view.
  • Import Room Capacity - New rooms imported into Space Connect now import the capacity if assigned in Microsoft environments.
  • Improved Panel Messaging - We have improved Space Connect Panel messaging to better explain why NFC actions fail in certain situations.
  • Visitor / Mobile Number -  Updated all fields across the product (App and Outlook Admin) to request Mobile Numbers in International Format (+44 7777 99999)


The item below is a backend change that does not require the installation of a new addin.

  • Auto Pre-registration Message - Users will now only see the instructional message “Only manually register a visitor if you are not creating a meeting in Outlook. Visitors will automatically receive pre-registration when invited to a meeting.”, when the following flag is set: Admin - Visitor Management - Settings - Auto pre registration for external visitors = ON. 

    If the flag is OFF then no instructional message will be displayed.

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