How to Set Your Preferences on the Space Connect Booking Portal

With Space Connect, you have the flexibility to update your preferences and conveniently save them for future use. To learn how to do this, please refer to the article below.

To begin, access the Space Connect Booking Portal and proceed to the "Book" section. If you haven't already, expand the "Update your Preferences" section. Then customise your settings by toggling them on or off according to your preferences:

All Day Booking


(For duplicate domains and Co-working only)



List View/Map View

Block Booking

Update Preferences (Expanded or not)

Enable Locate Me

(Allow colleagues to search for you.)

Enable Legend

(Display Map legend overlay.)

Enable Information Panel

(Display Map Information panel.)

After selecting all your desired preferences, proceed to make a booking to save your updates. Your preferences will then be saved for your next booking.

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