19th March 2024

APP & ADMIN 2.6.3

  • Email & password account login - We have improved the backend logic surrounding E&P login so that users can now login, onto multiple devices, without being logged off.
  • Manage Bookings Improvement - Meetings edited outside of Space Connect will now correctly display their updated status if still visible on the Manage Bookings page.
  • Booking Page - Improvements to the booking logic ensure that bookings appear on the correct day and only if a valid booking.
  • Notifications - The notifications for Desk and Room booking have been updated to improve readability.

Visitor Management App 2.6.3 and iOS 5.19

  • Pre-registration - Pre registrations are now sent out 24 hours before the start of a pre-registration visit.  This improvement ensures that your visitors only get the pre-registration code just before they need it.
  • SMS Messages - We have refined the content of the SMS messages sent when visitors arrive.
  • Outlook Addin - The "Register a Visitor" option will display in the Outlook Admin if Admin - Visitor Management - Settings - Pre Registration for users = ON.  Conversely if set to OFF then "Register a Visitor" will not appear.
    • Please note that the changes can take up to 60 minutes to propagate to users, due to the use of caching in the Add-in.
  • VMS Badge printing - Badge printing is now compatible with iPad, MacOS and Windows PCs.
  • Visitor entry - The Visitor page now displays the email address of a host as part of the autocomplete data.
  • Pre-registration data flow (App) - Pre-registration changes made on the iOS app now correctly flow through to the Visitor page.  We have also ensured that the email and host bound to the pre-registration cannot be edited when self serve check-in is performed.
  • VMS Hosts (App) - The app now correctly shows only valid people in the hosts list.
  • Autocorrect (App) - iOS auto correct is now switched off automatically when entering a pre-registration code.
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