How to sign in/out a Visitor through the Booking Portal

Concierge and reception-driven visitor management integrates with the booking portal to efficiently coordinate and oversee visitor interactions.

To begin, sign in to the booking portal here. Then, navigate to the "Visitor" tab located on the left-hand side. Click on "Visitor" at the top to access the Visitor form.

Capture a picture if necessary and adjust the image size as required. Ensure all mandatory fields marked with a red dot are completed, and feel free to provide any additional optional information. If an "x" is shown in the badge printing section, a badge will be printed upon registration. Click the "x" to remove it if you prefer not to have a badge. Once everything is complete, click "Register" to finalise your visit.

To edit a visitor, locate them within the list and click on the yellow pencil icon. This action will bring up the visit form, allowing you to make necessary changes. Once you've made the desired edits, click "Save" to apply the changes.

Please note: Once a visitor has departed, the icon will be greyed out, indicating that the record is no longer editable.

To reprint a badge, simply click on the green printer icon located to the right of the visitor's name. This action will prompt the printer spool to open. From there, select the "Print" option to generate the badge.

To sign out a visitor, find their name in the visit list and click on the departure icon situated to the right of their name.

To remove a visitor's record, simply click on the red rubbish bin icon located to the right of their name. You'll then be prompted to confirm the deletion. Upon confirmation, the visit entry will be replaced with a note indicating "Deleted by [the person's name who deleted]."

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