How to Establish the VMS Role in Microsoft 365 to Enable Visitor Management Access

Users needing access to add visitors via the web portal or view the complete list of visitors beyond their own will need to be assigned this role. Please refer to the following article for instructions on how to do this in Microsoft 365.

To begin, log in to your Microsoft 365 admin center using this link, then proceed to "Teams & groups", and click on "Active teams & groups".

Select "Security Groups" from the menu, then proceed to click on "Add a Security Group."

Enter "SpaceConnectVMS" as the name, and optionally add a description if needed. Next, click "Next," followed by "Create Group," and then "Close" to complete the process.

Choose all the newly created groups and proceed to add the individuals who require this access.

Please Note: Your Azure Global Admin will need to perform these actions.

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