29th Feb 2024

APP & ADMIN 2.6.2

VMS 2.0

The VMS application has been extended to fully support concierge/reception led visitor management.

We now support the following key features:

  1. App based visitor and delivery sign-in
  2. App based pre-registration for reception and users
  3. Ability to toggle auto pre-registration functionality
  4. Free text (notes) on a per visitor basis
  5. New role based access
  6. Badge printing from the app. (single or multiple badges)
  7. Search across visitors, hosts and notes
  8. Auto sign-out
  9. Auto deletion
  10. Improved pre-registration codes that simplify entry.

All features are fully compatible with the existing iOS/Windows application.

Please contact the support team for further information on enabling this exciting new featureset.

Improved Error Handling

The booking application now supports improved messaging around login to better assist login.

RFID Export & Zone Export

We have improved the logic surrounding the RFID export and zone functionality based on customer feedback and analysis.

Outlook Addin

A new version of the Outlook Addin has been built that supports the VMS 2.0 features listed above. This build requires no deployment of the addin and is handled entirely as a backend update.

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