11th January 2024

APP & ADMIN 2.6.0

Duplicate Domain Support

This feature allows organisations to run multiple instances of the admin portal, with their unique settings, rules and regulations.

As an example, it is now possible for multi-location organisations to be managed and administered at a location level by their admin team; with their settings and configurations.

This feature works across the following products:

  • Admin Portal
  • Booking App
  • Panel App - All variants
  • VMS - iOS only
  • Outlook Addin
  • Desk Booking Monitor

And for the following authentication types:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Email & Password

The feature requires some minimal configuration by the friendly Space Connect Support staff and is available for no additional cost!

Users can exist across multiple organisations and the UI has been updated to support seamless interaction.

Custom Security Groups (Microsoft and Google)

As part of the development of Duplicate Domain Support, we have added the ability for all customers to use their custom security groups in place of the default naming convention. As an example, this means that you can simply bind your users to your default Employee group. Correctly mapped groups are indicated with a green icon whilst incorrectly mapped groups are red.

Configuration is available to you under the new Configuration - Setup screen.

Setup - Security

Improved App Behaviour

We now store all of the available configuration options on a per-user basis across the Booking application. This ensures that the software loads exactly as you last left it.

Block Booking - One Desk Only Logic

We have improved the logic surrounding block bookings and the one-desk-only feature so that existing bookings are now correctly accommodated and users adhere to the One-desk-only rule.


Improvements across the product suite to ensure that co-working features correctly adhere to the rules of the governing organisation.

Admin - pagination

Resolved an issue with the App - Admin screen and the pagination behaviour of multiple pages.

Book on behalf Of

It was previously not possible for an admin to override the one desk-only setting if using Book on behalf of themselves. This has now been resolved by allowing a user to choose themselves from the Book on behalf of the list.

Panel 4.3.0

  • Duplicate domain Support
  • Update login UI
  • Enable email and password organisations for desk booking

Desk Booking Monitor 2.3.5

  • Duplicate domain Support

Outlook Addin 1.2.9

  • Duplicate domain Support

VMS 5.17

  • Duplicate domain Support
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