30th November 2023

In the final release before we head into December and start thinking about decorating the tree and finally turning on the heating, we offer another collection of release items.

Space Connect Admin and Booking App 2.5.1

  • RFID Import - The RFID import now supports multiple RFID tokens per user and we have enhanced the export/import routine to match the behaviour of the zone imports, i.e. Users can now export the current list, append and re-import. Please note that due to changes in the storage of RFIDs the following behaviour will be observed on first export.
    • First export of data will contain no RFID values.
    • Subsequent exports of data will contain the RFID values.
  • Export CSV - Exports now support the use of commas inside the data array.
  • Booking Calendar - Bookings made in the future rendered incorrectly due to inaccurate calculation of timezone changes. This has now been rectified.
  • Map Scroll Behaviour - The map scroll wheel behaviour now work with finer precision.
  • Booking List View & Manage Bookings - We have cleaned up the views to add more salient information and improved the UI.
  • Room Booking with Resources - We have resolved a pesky gremlin that prevented the filtering of room results based on resources!
  • Map Cannot Be Displayed - An error occurred message was displayed when users launched the booking app. The error disappeared when "All Day Booking" was enabled. This issue has now been rectified.
  • Google Bookings - We have improved the logic of data capture within Google Workspace in a number of errors to ensure that bookings continue to be handled correctly.
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