16th November 2023

As storm Debi batters the UK, we thought another Space Connect update would make booking those spaces that much easier, and help keep everybody indoors until it passes.

Space Connect Admin and Booking App 2.5.0

  • Visitor Management - Hosts - The Hosts list has been extended to automatically include users who have access to the booking app. This simplifies roll out of your software and ensures that visitors can always select the right host.
  • Admin - Export - It's now possible to specify the date format of exports on a per user basis.
  • One Desk Only - Previously Space Connect would display an informational message to indicate when a user is attempting to book more than one desk. This has been improved so that the user can choose to book the new desk and cancel the existing one.

Existing Booking Dialog

  • Pre Registration Hosts are now correctly listed as the actual host/meeting organiser rather than the co-working booking email.
  • Booking Reminders, in a co-working environment, are now sent to the meeting organiser as opposed to the co-working booking email.
  • Fixed Desks - Now appear as expected in the Manage Booking page.
  • Space Deletion - Improvements to the Space Connect Engine Room ensures that ‘ghost’ bookings can no longer appear in the system.
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