2nd November 2023

Here we have another release to keep us going, as we head into the final straight of 2023.

Space Connect Admin and Booking App 2.4.9

  • General UI improvements
  • Room Bookings against multiple rooms are now supported directly with the Booking App UI.
  • Improved support for Co-working across different calendar types. i.e. Booking a meeting from a Microsoft account into Google room is now fully supported.
  • Extended panel bookings are correctly updated across the Space Connect eco-system.
  • Bulk import of Google Rooms now works as expected irrespective of the data types.

Space Connect Panel 4.2.9

  • Device Error Reporting - Introduction of optional error reporting. This solution requires an email address to be entered in the Admin Panel that will be notified if a device does not communicate for 20 minutes. Note - If a device is powered off then this will also be reported. This is correct behaviour and these instances can be filtered out of the email if it occurs as part of power saving routines.
  • Upgrade Google SDK - Upgrade to Google SDK 33.
  • Location, Level, Space selection - Removal of images and improved UI to better support screen real estate and device memory constraints.
  • iOS panels - Remain logged in on devices as expected.

Space Connect VMS 5.15 (iOS) - out now!

  • Improved Printer Logic - Only allow the printer that is connected to the app to be chosen, rather than another printer in the network.

    Specifics of the change are as follows:

    • As part of login the user will be granted the ability to select a printer when they first print.
    • Once selected the printer will be stored in the app and used every time.
    • If the user needs to change the printer then they must log out (using the admin code) and then they will be granted the option to select the printer again when they attempt first print.
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