16th October 2023

In our most recent release, we are excited to introduce a series of enhancements that have been designed to optimise the performance and user experience of Space Connect. We are especially pleased to announce the eagerly anticipated arrival of our new Zone & Sub Admin/Manager Role Features.


Zones have been completely overhauled to enable more control and flexibility of your digital real estate.

Zones can be assigned to desks and rooms and these spaces can be assigned multiple zones. Users can also exist exist in multiple primary and secondary zones (secondary zones become available to users when primary zone spaces are exhausted.)

Easy Import to upload Zone and Employee information. By retrieving your current mapping information, you can update the primary and secondary Zones for your employees quickly.

Zones typically exist as Accounts, Sales, Development etc but they do not need to and you have completely control to set them up exactly as you need them.

Once setup the users will only have visibility to book spaces that match their zone. Admins can override these settings and can book on behalf of users into any space.

Sub Admin/Manager Role

This new functionality allows employees with a 'Manager' role to 'Book on behalf of' employees within their primary location.

Managers can also view and edit bookings for employees.

Even with the booking rule of 'one desk only' applied, an admin or manager role is still able to book multiple desks for a given person. 

Admin and Booking App

Booking App Login: We've enhanced the login experience for our booking app, making the process of accessing the software faster and smoother than ever before.

Workplace Insights: We've introduced Check-In percentages, providing valuable data within the Desk and Workplace Insights feature.

Booking Application UI: Bookings created across multiple rooms are now accurately displayed in the Booking application user interface.

Admin Portal: The Conference and Catering Calendar in the Admin Portal now seamlessly presents all data, meeting your expectations.

Block Booking Confirmation: Our Block Booking Confirmation now includes the respective day name, offering added clarity.

Booking Map: Users can now conveniently utilise the mouse scroll wheel on the booking map.

Error Messaging: We've improved the error handling for incorrect desk bookings, making it easier to identify and resolve issues.

Visitor Management

Pre-registration Emails: Our system now reliably sends pre-registration emails, ensuring that important information reaches your recipients as intended.

Badge Printing: We've established a dependable process for badge printing, guaranteeing that badges are consistently produced.

Panel App

Panel App: Numerous adjustments and refinements have been implemented to enhance system performance and behaviour.

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