How to Book a Room Using Zones in Space Connect

When your company has activated zones for your account, you'll have both a Primary and Secondary Zone associated with your profile. This means that when you're reserving a desk, available spots in your Primary Zone will be your first choice for booking. If those are already taken, your Secondary Zone will then become accessible for booking. Below, you can get a visual preview of how this works when booking a room.

To begin, please log in to the user portal by clicking here and using your email address for authentication.

After arriving at the landing page, navigate to the room section and choose your preferred location and level where you'd like to make a booking.

Rooms that you can book will be displayed in green, while rooms in other zones that are currently unavailable to you will appear in blue. Any rooms that have already been booked will be indicated in red.

To reserve your room, simply choose your preferred time frame and then click on any of the available green rooms.

If all the rooms in your primary zone are already booked, don't worry! Rooms in your secondary zone will become available for booking, ensuring you still have options to secure a room.

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