How to Assign a Room to a Zone within Space Connect

Follow this guide to see how to assign your rooms to a zone to restrict who can book this.

To get started, please log in to the Admin Portal by clicking here. Ensure you use the appropriate sign-in method for your organisation.

Simply click 'View' on the location housing the room you wish to designate, then navigate to 'Manage Rooms' for the relevant level. Finally, click 'Edit Room' next to the room you want to assign.

Select 'Zones' from the top menu, and then tick the box for the 'Zones' you'd like to assign to the room. After making your selections, click 'Save' to confirm. Your room is now assigned to the chosen zones!

If you've already mapped out your zones on the interactive map, you can simply drag and drop your room onto the corresponding zone. This will automatically assign the room to that specific zone, making it easy to manage!

To achieve this, head to your location and click on 'Map.' Then, open the drop-down for rooms on the left-hand side, and effortlessly drag them onto the map within the desired zone. Adjust the size to your liking, and when you're satisfied, click 'Save.' Your room is now assigned to the designated zone.

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