17th August 2023

Introducing Space Connect's ✨NEW✨ Booking Window feature!

We're excited to introduce the Booking Window feature, which lets Space Connect Admins create timeframes for making space bookings

Just a quick note: this refers to the specific time window within the app.spaceconnect.co software. You'll even have the flexibility to set up restricted booking windows for individual rooms, providing you with even more control.

Our aim with this new feature is to make your experience with Space Connect software even better and to take the stress out of desk & room booking. This is especially helpful if you've set a future booking window and there's a rush of users aiming for the best desks right after the stroke of midnight!

Here's what you can do with the Booking Window feature:

  • Easily enable space bookings within specific days and times.
  • Users can still log in, view information, and cancel bookings outside of the Booking Window.
  • You have the freedom to set different days and times for desks and rooms.
  • Space Connect Admins still have the flexibility to make bookings outside of the Booking Window.

Setting up this feature is a breeze within the Admin tool's Booking Rules section. Once it's turned on, users (excluding admins) will notice a friendly banner if they log into app.spaceconnect.co outside of the configured dates and times. (Check out the screenshots for a visual preview.)

And just so you know, users can't play with their system clocks to get around the Booking Window. 😉👍 So no sneaky workarounds!

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