How to configure the Employee Questionnaire

When employees create a desk booking a questionnaire can be sent to them before the time of their booking. Follow this guide on how to set this all up.

To get started, log in to the admin portal following the link here and select the correct method for your organisation.

  • Head over to the left-hand side of the menu and click on “Configuration" and then “Questionnaire”.
  • Click “Add New Question”, type your question, and then click the YES or NO for the question which is “safe”. You can delete any unwanted questions from your questionnaire by clicking the delete button to the right of the question and then click "ok". When that is all complete click “Save”.

  • Click "settings" to configure the Questionnaire.

You can toggle on COVID Vaccine Status if required and change the settings behind the questions you wish to ask.

Please note the Covid Vaccination Status question along with its possible answers cannot be changed.

  • If you have enabled the COVID-19 vaccination status you can view the insights by navigating to insights on the left-hand side of the admin portal and clicking on “Vaccine Insights” this will then display the insights your organisation has completed.

H&S Contacts

To select who receives the questionnaire click on “H&S Contacts” next to the “Questionnaire” tab.

  • Click on “Add New Contact” and type in the contact you wish to add.

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