13th June 2023

Hey there!

We're thrilled to share with you some exciting updates that are coming your way in our upcoming release. We've been working hard to enhance your experience and make things even better for you. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store.

We've made some exciting enhancements to the Panel App to improve your experience:

  1. We've added support for "Restricted Booking Length" and "Restricted Booking Window" so you have more control over your booking options.

  1. The text in Panel Setup has been refined to provide clearer explanations of toggle behaviours, making it easier for you to understand and navigate the application settings.

  1. We've enhanced timezone rendering to match the configuration set in the Admin Panel, ensuring that the time is accurately displayed for users in different time zones.

  1. We've streamlined the access token renewal behaviour, resulting in a smoother and more seamless user experience.

  1. Now, when you switch between dark and light modes, the screen behaviour has been improved to create a visually pleasing and responsive interface.

  1. To keep you informed, we've added version information to all versions of the application, making it easy for you to track and identify the currently installed version.

  1. When you use the panel with a long name, we've optimised the rendering of details to ensure that all information is displayed properly and legibly.

  1. We've enhanced support for organisations with a large number of desks and rooms on the Panel Setup Screen, providing a seamless user experience regardless of the size of your organisation.

  1. Say goodbye to the "(Desk)" and "(Room)" suffixes on the panel display! We've eliminated them to give you a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

  1. We've also implemented smoother screen transitions when setting up a panel for display only, improving the overall usability of the application.

In addition, we've made the following improvements to the Desk Booking Monitor:

  1. We've resolved intermittent issues with the check-in functionality, ensuring that you can reliably and consistently check in without any hassles.

For the Admin Panel, we've made some modifications:

  1. We've made minor adjustments to the import functionality to address a rare case where the import dialogue appeared blank, ensuring a smooth importing process for administrators.

  1. We've improved the user interface for room administration by renaming the "Floor Plan" tab to "Room Image," providing a more intuitive and descriptive label for administrators.

Lastly, in Outlook Admin, we've introduced support for available rooms with Co-Working, allowing administrators to effectively manage and assign co-working spaces.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements and that they make your experience even better!

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