How to update the panel app on a Yealink Room Panel

Please refer to this article to easily update your Yealink Panel with the latest version of Space Connect.

To begin, please download the Yealink APK from "app.spaceconnect.panel/updates".

Now let's retrieve the IP address from your panel. Tap on the cog wheel, enter the password, and scroll down to select "Go to Settings." From there, choose "About," then "RoomPanel." Take note of the IP address listed under the IPV4 row.

Please keep in mind that if you're unsure of the password, you can always reach out to us at or chat with us live by clicking on the chat option located at the bottom right of this article. We'll be happy to assist you!

On your desktop, open a web browser and enter the following URL: https://[panel IP here]. Use "Admin" as the username and "0000" as the password. After logging in, expand the "System" option from the left-hand menu and select the "Application" sub-tab. Look for the cloud icon in the "Operation" column corresponding to the "Panel" application. Click on the cloud icon, and a file browser window will appear. Browse to the location where you downloaded the APK file earlier and select it. Now, simply wait for the panel to update.

If you have changed from the default "0000" password you will need to enter the one you created.

To verify the update, you have two options. If you are checking directly on the panel, navigate to the "About" section and look for the "App Version" listed at the bottom of the list. Alternatively, if you are accessing the panel through a web browser, go to the "Status" tab and check the "App Version" listed there. This will confirm whether the update has been successfully applied.

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