How to add a user using an Email & Password Account

When your organisation is set up as an Email & Password Account you need to add each induvial user. Please follow the guide below on how to do this.

Login to your Space Connect Admin Portal using the “Sign in with Space Connect” button. 

Click on “Users” on the left-hand side of the menu and then click “Add New User”.

Complete the required fields, the name of the user is what will show on any booking or reports on the system. The email address must match the domain of your organisation. The email address is what will be used for an individual to sign into the system, so each user must have a unique email address.

The role defines the new user's role within the Space Connect system. "User" provides standard access to the system.  "Company Admin" provides admin access, which includes access to the admin portal and the ability to alter the settings of the VMS and room panel apps. “Kiosk” and “Concierge” are used for Kiosk mode and Catering. Please go to the specific articles for more information.

Click add and then your user or new admin will receive an email to create a password for their login. 

Please note the link will expire after 24 hours of adding the user. If the link does expire, please click resend registration and the right side of their name on the Users list.

You have now successfully added your first user! Now it's time to repeat until you have added all your users.

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