30th May 2023

Our highly anticipated upcoming release is packed with an array of exciting improvements and changes. These additions are designed to elevate your experience and deliver unparalleled functionality. Let's delve into the highlights of what's in store.

We are thrilled to unveil our latest iteration of the panel application, now equipped with an array of enhanced features. These advancements have been seamlessly integrated (*) into all of our supported devices, including IAdea, Crestron, Yealink, Android tablets, iPads, and browser-based devices.

But that's not all! We are excited to announce the addition of support for the remarkable Qbic range of devices, expanding our hardware compatibility and offering you even more options.

Let's dive into the remarkable highlights of our upgraded application:

  1. Booking Configurations for Desks and Rooms:

Transform your desks and rooms into bookable spaces directly from the panel application. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of reserving these areas effortlessly.

  1. Optimised UI for Small Devices:

Our revamped interface now offers a brand-new user experience for devices with widths below 600 pixels, such as desk pucks. The UI has been meticulously designed to adapt flawlessly to the small form factor, ensuring optimal usability.

  1. Versatile Hardware Support:

Whether you prefer a desk puck for smaller rooms or a full-sized panel on a desk, our software seamlessly accommodates your choice. Experience our application's full potential, regardless of the hardware you opt for.

  1. NFC/RFID Integration:

Unlock the power of NFC/RFID technology for booking rooms and desks on supported hardware. Seamlessly access and manage your reservations using these cutting-edge technologies.

  1. Enhanced UI/UX for Improved Readability:

We have implemented significant enhancements to the user interface and user experience, resulting in improved readability. Enjoy a visually appealing and intuitive interface that ensures effortless navigation and comprehension.

*Compatibility is subject to available hardware features.

We are proud to present this improved version of our panel application, designed to empower you with seamless booking management and an enhanced user experience. Try it out today and unlock a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce two new features that further elevate the functionality of our application:

  1. Auto Cancel Desk Booking:

Effortlessly manage desk reservations with our new auto-cancellation feature. Desks that remain unchecked for a designated period, ranging from 0 to 60 minutes, will be automatically cancelled, ensuring efficient utilisation of resources.

  1. Check-In Window:

Discover our new Book Rules page, offering high-level configuration options for rooms and desks. Within this feature, you can customise the Check-In Window, determining the specific time frame during which check-in is permitted for room or desk bookings.

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