How to Import User's RFIDs

When your users are using RFID to check in or book a desk please follow this guide on how to get the information imported into Space Connect.

Firstly, log in to space connect admin and sign in using the correct sign-in method for your organisation.

Once you're logged in head over to the user's tab on the navigation panel on the left-hand side.

Click on "IMPORT RFID" in the top left-hand corner then click " Use our sample RFID mapping file" to download the sample form.

Complete the form with the email and RFID and then go back to Users > Import RFID then click "Choose File" select your form then click "IMPORT"

You will then see a message stating how many users were mapped and how many were skipped.

Import Rules

The RFID import performs a full wipe of existing RFIDs and then imports the CSV.

This simplifies the process of update, as the maintenance of the RFID tokens is typically handled in a separate application.

One import, at any point in time, will ensure a direct match between the RFID source and Space Connect.

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