How to use the Admin Tab on the Booking Portal

Follow this guide to utilise the admin tab within the booking portal

Please Note: You must have the Company Admin role in order to see this tab.

To begin, please access the booking portal and proceed to the admin tab located on the left-hand side.

Choose a start and end date, then specify your desired location and level. If you're looking for a particular individual, simply type their name into the search bar.

To export this data, simply scroll down, choose your preferred date format, and then click "Export" to receive the data in a CSV file format.

Please Note: If the exported date format differs from your selection, it may be due to your program defaulting to your settings within that specific program.

CSV, or Comma-Separated Values, is a fundamental format for storing structured data in a plain text file. When opening a CSV file, the software utilised employs its own data type recognition mechanism. If you find that your data is displaying in an unexpected format, we recommend opening the CSV file in Notepad to inspect how the data is being presented from our system.

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