How to Force Update the Crestron Panels

The Crestron panels should update automatically as long as you have added the content additional package, however, if you need to force an update please follow the instructions below.

Firstly, place 5 points of touch on the screen and hold for 15 seconds to access the panels local set up page.

From the panel's list set up the "Application Selection" Box.

Now choose an app that is NOT Space Connect (We recommend the "Crestron Default" app)

Save the changes by tapping the "Confirm Selection" button and the panel should automatically reboot itself.

Once rebooted follow the same procedure however this time select the Space Connect app from the app list. Save the changes by once again tapping the "Confirm Selection" button.

The panel will then automatically reboot again and download the latest available Crestron-approved app from the Crestron servers.

Please Note: Although the latest version available from Crestron should match Space Connect, there may be a window of a discrepancy between the two if a new version has just been released as any updates are tested by Crestron before general release.

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