Room Auto-Cancellation Configuration

Auto-cancellation is used when the room has been booked but no one has arrived to check in to the room. The auto-cancellation feature will free the room up so it can be booked again or left empty. 

Auto-cancellation can be activated through the Notification Settings in the admin portal. 

Simply head to the admin portal then Configuration on the left-hand side. Then head to notification settings and Cancel Room Booking. 

The room cancellation action time determines the length of time before the cancellation occurs. 

If the settings status is inactive, the auto-cancellation will not occur. 

The cancel room booking notification must be activated when the room is ready or it will not auto-cancel when the room is needing to be freed. 

The individual room also needs "Automatically release the room as a result of a no-show" switched on as seen below. Without this setting on, the room will not auto-cancel. 

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