Panel Settings - How to Configure the branding on your Meeting Room Panel

The appearance of the panel application can be customised by clients to match their corporate branding, such as colours and logos.

Firstly, log in to the Space Connect admin portal here and select the correct sign-in method for your organisation.

From the left-hand side navigation panel, select "Configuration" and then click on "Panel Settings".

Panel Background: This tab is used to define the background displayed on the panels.
  • Background Image - This is the image that is displayed in the background of the meeting panel application. This must be a JPEG, JPG or PNG image format. Please upload the file based on the number of pixels your panel has. The panel displays text over this background so we suggested using muted colours, or one with less "noise", such as a single colour, or subtle gradients.

  • Dark Background Mode - The application displays icons. By default, this is black but when using dark coloured background it can be difficult to read. Enabling this switch changes the icon to white for greater visual contrast and improved legibility. When enabling dark mode, toggle on the correct option based on the pixel amount.

Panel Logo: As well as changing the background colours, a company logo can be included. The image selected must be in a JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.  We strongly recommend having a transparent background. In the same way as you uploaded the the panel background, upload your logo as per your the pixel amount for your device.

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