Inactive Desks - what does it do?

When using Space Connect for desk booking, it is possible to change the desk status to 'Inactive' 

This can be useful when desks are out of use for a period of time due to social distancing or repairs. If a desk is made inactive, no existing bookings are removed but the desk will no longer be visible or available for future bookings.

Bookings made on the desk before it was made inactive will still be visible to the user and company admins but they will not be able to book the desk again in the future! 

The desk will not be reinstated if they wish to book the desk after it has been deactivated after canceling it. 

Login to your admin portal here and sign in using the correct method for your organisation.

Navigate to locations, then click "Manage Desks" on the level you require to make the change.

Click on the tick box under "Active" and your desk is now inactive.

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