What Data is Captured and What is Done with the Captured Data?

The Space Connect solution does not capture any personal information other than your name and email address. 

In regards to what data we process and why this overview will give you an understanding. 

The personal data in our system is an email address with first and last names which is mostly used for the functionality of the system. 

The VMS solution can be configured to use Facial recognition. Each visitor has the right to decline a photo if they wish. Explicit permission must be given by each user, each time they proceed to sign in. 

The other data our system processes is (internal) desk booking data such as time, date, location, and user. This is for the system functionality and for use in the reporting analytics. Other data (external) is used for room booking data such as time, date, room, location, and user. This is for system functionality and for our system to sync with the user's calendars to populate room bookings and for reporting analytics. 

Azure Active Directory data is used to search for specifically scripted groups and to check the users for Space Connect's role designations. 

1. Data retention/deletion

Could I check on how long the data is retained? How much control do we, as the client, have over this? Plus, is it possible to automate/schedule these deletions? 

All data stored by Space Connect can be created, edited, or deleted by you. Rolling backups will retain data for 35 days. In the event that you are unable to directly remove data from accessible applications then a request in writing can be made by authorised personnel; which will enable us to delete it on your behalf.

2. Quantity of data collected

Could I ask for some details on how much data is being collected, or intended to be collected? 

We collect information on how you use and interact with Spaces (“Usage Data”). Usage Data may include details on your movements within a Space, information relating to your connected device/s, such as your IP address, your Unique User ID, the areas of the space you access and book, your device’s location, and other general information.

3. Physical location of data store

Could you inform us about the physical location within the cloud of where the data will be/is being held, i.e. which country the server(s) is/are in? 

Currently, our servers are located in Australia (AU) with hosting services provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. If the location of our servers changes in the future, we will update this Policy. You should review our Policy regularly to keep informed of any updates." https://www.spaceconnect.co/privacy-policy

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