How to set the iAdea Panel Time Zone

Setting the correct timezone on an iAdea XDS panel

Firstly, you need to exit the Space Connect app. If the panel is already running the Space Connect app, you can exit the app by either holding 5 fingers on the screen for longer than 18 seconds and then entering the PIN. You can also reboot the panel and press the pause icon during the boot sequence.

After exiting the app you will be on the Android Player settings. Tap the "Advanced" button in the top right and then select the "Scheduling" tab.


Now select the "Time and Date" option to open the time settings.

If the "Automatically Set Time Zone" option is turned on, disable this to enable you to manually set the time zone.


Tap the "Select Time Zone" row to select your time zone, and once selected enable the "Automatic Date & Time" option at the top.

Once the time zone has been set you should be able to see the correct time in the corner of the screen. You can also check the app launcher screen.
Tap the Android home button at the bottom of the screen to get back to these settings and click play to launch the Space Connect app. the old Time will still be displayed at this point. You now need to restart the panel and when it restarts the correct time should be displayed.
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