How to Install the Space Connect Plug-in via Microsoft 365 Centralised Deployment

Before you begin: Please check to confirm that your organisation meets all requirements for using centralised deployment, see here

If your organisation meets all requirements, complete the following steps to publish an Office Add-in via Centralised Deployment.

Firstly Plug-ins are installed into Outlook using manifest files. Download the manifest here

Please Note: The file contains code that is used by Outlook to install add-ins. The file should be downloaded (click Save Link As) and then uploaded into Outlook. It is not an install package and opening it will just display the XML code.  

  • Firstly Plug-ins are installed into Outlook using manifest files, download the manifest here
  • Sign into your Microsoft 365 admin portal here.
  • Click on 'settings' on the left-hand side menu and then click on 'integrated apps'.
  • Click 'Upload custom apps'.

  • On the Users page select 'Entire organisation'. Alternatively, you can deploy to certain users.

  • Click 'Next' > Review and accept the permission requests and then click > 'Next' again.
  • Choose "Finish deployment" to save the new app. Please be aware the deployment can take some time to appear in your outlook Calendar. 

  • You can then finish up by pressing 'Done'. You can now see your new Plug-in along with other apps in Office 365.

Please Note: You will need to restart Outlook for the new add-in to become visible in the ribbon menu. 

If your add-in needs to be updated: Please delete the add-in and follow the article below to re-install.

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