How to Add an Employee and Amending a Visitor Host

When a visitor arrives, they'll need to choose a visitor when they check-in. A host can be added by adding their name, email address, and phone number. 

Once the visitor has finished signing in, the host will receive an email to alert them of the visitor's arrival, which is why it's vital their correct email address is in the system. 

Before adding the employee, change their location using the drop-down bar to their correct location. 

Login to the admin portal at and head to Visitor Management on the left-hand side. Choose Employee Directory and search for the correct location. 

Once on the correct location, select 'Add Employee or Host' and enter the details of the employee; First and Last, Email address, and Phone Number. 

If you need to edit an employee, head to the employee directory and find the employee you wish to change, then click edit on the right-hand side of the list. 

To delete the employee/host, click 'Delete' next the employee you wish to delete. 

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