How to Enable Space Connect to Sync with Your Calendar Resources

This is to ensure the booking user (e.g. has the correct permissions to edit events that other users create. This would need to happen if a user makes a booking in their own Google Calendar, and then ends or extends it on the panel app (the booking user will need to edit the meeting).

This is the fifth step of setting up your Google integration with Space Connect. Please make sure you follow the next stage at the bottom of each article in order.

Go to Google Calendar here, and sign in with your Super Admin account.

To add the meeting room calendar click "Add other calendars(+)" on the left-hand side and select "Browse resources".

Select all the meeting rooms you want under "My Calendars" using the tix boxes.

Click on the ellipsis at the end of the meeting room you want users to book and then click "Settings and sharing". Click on "Share with specific people" on the left-hand side and then click "+ Add people" and add in the booking user you created earlier with the permissions "Make changes to events" then click send. 

Now you can move to the next stage here.

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