How to Set-up Visitor Photo and Facial Recognition Options

Facial recognition during visitor sign-in now makes it easier for a person to visit your company! 

When a guest arrives to meet a host, you can decide if a photo is required to be taken of the guest. If this feature is enabled, the host will receive an SMS alerting them of the guest's arrival. 

If you wish for your visitors to have a badge printed, follow the steps below to find out how! 

Login to the admin portal, and on the left-hand side, find visitor management. Then select App Settings. 

From the settings, head to printing and camera. When a visitor arrives to meet a host, the feature for the VMS badge can be enabled which will print a sticker badge for the visitor to wear at all times while visiting. 

The badge will display: 

  • A photo of the visitor (if photo is enabled)
  • The host name
  • The visitor name
  • A logo of your company 
  • And a visitor code for them to use to sign-out. 

Visitor Badge Printing

Toggle this feature to enable badge printing for VMS. Once the printer is connected to the iPad, the bade will print automatically after the visitor signs in. 

Company Logo

It's now possible to define the logo on the badge. Click choose file to open your desktop file browser and find your company logo. 

Photo and Facial recognition options

It is possible to define if photos are taken of visitors. and this is also configured in the settings. 

Camera mode needs to be enabled for a photo to be taken and the photos are saved to the cloud, not

stored locally on the tablet. 

Facial recognition is used for quick and easy access for the visitor. If enabled, the visitor needs to sign in once with their photo being taken, entering their name, company name and contact details. 

A prompt for users' permission will appear before the photo is taken as some guests do not wish to have their photo taken. If they click 'Accept' then the camera will be used to take a photo. If they 'Decline', no image is taken. With no photo taken, the facial recognition feature will not function. 

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