How to create Interactive Maps

The Space Connect mapping tool is an easy and effective method of adding and editing maps for an office location. 

Each floor has the possibility of having an interactive map with a visual representation of the Desks, Rooms, Huddle Spaces and Zones. 

Log in and choose the location you need, then head to either 'Create' to upload a map or 'Map' to edit a current map. 

A floor plan image needs to be uploaded, which must be a PNG, JPG, or SVG image. Select 'new image' at the bottom of the map. Select the image from your desktop documents and the image will be uploaded! 

You'll have the option to crop the image to fit correctly within the boundaries of the image. To do this, drag the blue corners of the editing box. 

Once you have added the map and cropped it down to size, click done! 

Ensure your desks are added into the system then start adding them to the map by pulling the blue dot from the desk option and placing them on the map. 

To edit the size of the desks, double-click the blue dot, and a box will appear. Then pull the corners of the box to fit the size of the desk on the map! 

To move the label of the desk, just click and drag. 

When creating labels, click on the T (Textbox) on the right-hand side of the map and a Label will appear. 

To edit the label, double-click the box, type the label you need, and drag it to where you need it. 

Extra support: 

To add zones to your system, head back to the location and level and choose to add Zones to your map. 

Once the Zone has been added, refresh your map editing page, and the Zone will appear in the drop-down bar on the left-hand side. Move the Zone around by using the edges or corners of the Zone around the area you need it. 

Rooms need to be set up in the location before adding them to the map. Set up like Zones, Rooms can be fit to scale by moving the edges or corners of the room outline. 

The map will auto-save when you close the map editing tab. But should you make a mistake and need any support, reach out to

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