How to Use Contact Tracing Insights

The Contact Tracing insights report helps users to view the contact of users, find out which desks have been used by users and narrow down the contact certain users may have had.

Log in to the admin portal here and sign in using the correct method for your organisation.

Using the navigation menu on the left, click on "Dashboard" and then "Contact Tracing Insights".

This report contains several pages of data and is separated into two different tabs for ease of use. Users can change the page being viewed by clicking on each tab at the bottom of the report.

The initial "Employee Contact Tracing" page shows all data for the company which can be filtered down to particular users if for example they have had to self-isolate and you need to find out if anyone has used the same desk.
Enter Employee Email: Just enter their email address into the text box there is also a drop-down menu if you need help remembering the address.
Date Search: This is how users find data for specific date ranges. This can be used to make the date range smaller to see day by day, or make it larger and see by month or year. Click in the right-hand box and select an end date. then click in the left-hand box and select the start date.

Once filtering is complete on the "Employee Contact Tracing" page scroll down and looks at the desks highlighted. To view other contacts who have used desks, right-click on the desk and select "Drill Through - Related Desk Contacts".

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