Amending a Visitor Host

If the details of a visitor host changes (e.g. mobile number or email address), you will need to update Space Connect to reflect their new details.  Follow the steps below to manually update a user’s details: 

Step 1: Open Employee Directory

Login to the web admin portal at using your admin credentials.
Using the left hand menu bar, select "Visitor Management" then "Employee Directory".

Step 2: Choose Location

You will need to select the location of the person being amended. Select the location from the "Location" dropdown and select the "SEARCH" button.

Step 3a: Delete Host

From the list of hosts, click "DELETE CONTACT".  This will then remove that person as a host for that location.  

Step 3b: Amend Host Details

If needing edit details for a host, click on "EDIT CONTACT" button.  The "Edit Employee/host" page will display.

Edit the details of the host:

  • First Name & Last name 
    The name of the person who is the host for visitors.  
  • Email 
    The email address for the host so they can receive email alerts when visitors arrive.
  • Country Code & Mobile Number
    The mobile telephone number for the host (including their country code) so that SMS alerts can be sent to that host when a visitor arrives.

Click on "SAVE CHANGES" when finished and the contact will be updated.  You will then be returned to the list view of hosts for the location.