Adding a Visitor Host

When a visitor arrives and checks in , they must select the person they are visiting (their host).  The system then alerts that host of their arrival.  The list of possibly hosts is separate from the full employee list as some clients may not want all employees to automatically be available as hosts. Therefore, Space Connect needs to know about each host e.g. Name, Location, Phone number, email address, etc. 

If every employee is able to receive guests, then you will need to enter the details of each employee or resident of your building. If you have a lot to load, you can send us a file and we will bulk load the details for you.

Follow the steps below to manually enter each employee or user details:

Step 1: Open Employee Directory

Login to the web admin portal using your admin credentials.
Using the left hand menu bar, select "Visitor Management" then "Employee Directory".

Step 2: Choose Location

You will need to select the location of the person being added. Select the location from the "Location" dropdown and select the "SEARCH" button.

Step 3: Add Host

To add a new host, click on the "ADD EMPLOYEE OR HOST" and the "Add New Employee / Host" page will display.  

Enter the details of the new host:

  • First Name & Last name 
    The name of the person who is the host for visitors.  
  • Email 
    The email address for the host so they can receive email alerts when visitors arrive.
  • Country Code & Mobile Number
    The mobile telephone number for the host (including their country code) so that SMS alerts can be sent to that host when a visitor arrives.

Click on "ADD CONTACT" when finished and the contact will be saved.  You will then be returned to the list view of hosts for the location.