4. Creating Space Connect Admin Groups

Space Connect uses Groups to control and manage access to components of Space Connect. Follow the steps below to set up the required group to enable access to the Space Connect Administrator Portal for selected users.

Only provide access in this user group for people who you want to administer user access of Space Connect.

Step 1: Sign in 

Sign in to the Google Admin console.

From the homepage, click "Groups".


Step 2: Create Group

Click on the "Create Group" link at the top of the page.


Enter the following details in the Create new group box to establish the Administrator access group:

  • Name of the group: SpaceConnectCompanyWebAdmin
  • Group email address: spaceconnectcompanywebadmin
  • Description (optional): Provides users of this group with administration access to the Space Connect platform.
  • Enter a Group Owner: An admin user who will be able to make changes if necessary.

Click 'Next'

  • Access level: Restricted

Select the "CREATE GROUP" button.

Step 3: Add members to group

To add users into the group, select the newly created group and click on ‘Add Members’ icon.

Enter the names of each user you need to make an administrator of Space Connect and select the "ADD TO GROUP" button.

You will need at least one admin member in this group.



Once you have completed these steps you can move to the next stage.