Bulk Importing Meeting Rooms

After successfully accepting permissions and setting up your locations and levels, follow the below steps to bulk import your meeting rooms.  This will require you to have created an All Rooms distribution list in ActiveDirectory/O365 Admin.

Step 1: Login and choose location

Login to the Space Connect Admin Portal at http://app.spaceconnect.co/admin
Your landing page will show all your locations.  Click on "VIEW" for the location you would like to create a new room.

Landing Page-1

Step 2: Manage Rooms for Level

When viewing a location, all levels will be listed. Select "Manage Rooms" for the level you would like to add rooms.


This will then display the list of all rooms for the selected level.

Manage Rooms

Step 3: Bulk Room Import

Click on the "BULK ROOM CONNECTION" button. A list of rooms available to import will display.  These are the rooms added to the "AllRooms" distribution group.

For each room being imported into Space Connect, you need to select the corresponding locations and level, and then click on the ‘Import’ button.  If you have five rooms listed, you must set the location details and click import five times.

Bulk Room

Step 4: Done

Once a room is imported the button text will show "Update".  This can be used to update room names if they are changed in Active Directory. 

When all required rooms have been imported, click on the "BULK CONNECTION COMPLETE" button to close the screen and return to the previous screen.