3. Create a Room Booking Account

We recommend pairing Space Connect with a generic booking ("service") account instead of a personal one. Follow the below steps to set up a generic booking account.


If your company already uses a generic booking account to manage your meeting rooms, then do not follow the below steps.


Step 1:

Sign in to the Google Admin console.

Step 2:

From the dashboard, click 'Directory' then 'Users'.

Step 3:

Click 'Add User' to add a new user.

Step 4:

Create a new account for Space Connect to manage room bookings. Enter the below information to create the account.

  • First Name = Room
  • Last Name = Bookings
  • Primary Email = bookings
  • Password = Enter a password and record that password as you will need it later
  • Disable 'Ask for a password change at the next sign-in'

Step 5:

Select 'ADD NEW USER'.

Step 6:

You need to provide newly created booking user "Admin" privileges in Google Apps. This will allow Space Connect to manage all resource and user calendars in your Google account instead of requiring each to grant permissions explicitly.

Step 7:

From the left-hand menu, select 'Account --> Admin roles'.

Step 8:

Select Services Admin --> Assign Admins.


Step 9:

Enter the name of the new bookings account and select CONFIRM ASSIGNMENT.


Once you have completed these steps you can move to the next stage.