How to Create a New Meeting Room

Once you have connected Space Connect to a calendar system (Exchange or G-Suite). You then need to create locations and the levels within them. For example, creating Building One with levels 1,2, and 3.

With locations and levels created, you can then start to add rooms. This can be added in bulk or individually. Adding individually is so quick and easy, many clients prefer to use this method.

Step 1 - View Locations

Log into the Space Connect admin portal at
On the homepage you will see a list of your locations. 
Click on "View" for the required location.

Landing Page

Step 2 - View Levels

The next screen shows a list of all the levels/floors within the location.   From here you can manage Desks, Rooms, and Huddle Spaces. 
Click on "Manage rooms" for the required level.


Step 3 - View Rooms

The next screen shows a list of rooms for the selected level.  If this is the first time adding rooms, then the list will be empty and state "No Rooms".

Click on the button for "Individual Room Connection".

Manage Rooms

Step 4 - Add Room

Enter the details of the meeting room:

Individual Room Connection
  • Room Name
    The name of the room as you would like it to appear to users e.g. Boardroom, or in this example "Washington".
  • Room Email Address
    Enter the room email address which matches that in the calendar system.  It must be an exact match, not using aliases.
    You may need your Exchange or Google administrator to provide this detail.
  • Location
    The location/building of the room.  The list is pulled from the locations created in SpaceConnect.
  • Level
    The level of the room.  The list is pulled from the levels created in SpaceConnect for the selected location.
  • Calendar Type
    Select the calendar system that the room uses to store event data.  For example, Is the room calendar held is Microsoft O365, or perhaps in Google calendars for rooms.

This information must be entered by the client (rather than Space Connect) as the system verifies that the logged-in user is permitted to view the room email.  This prevents people adding meeting rooms for different organisations and managing that data.

Note: The room will take a few minutes to generate a real-time connection between Office365/Exchange and Space Connect. After 5 minutes, you should be able to make a booking via your Outlook calendar and it will appear in the Space Connect mobile app and meeting room panel.

If you are unable to see your bookings, please contact support -

Step 5 - Edit Room (Optional)

Once saved, you will be returned to the list of rooms.  This should now include the room that was just added. From here you can now click "Edit Room" to supplement the record with more details.  This is because the system must first make a connection with the room before further information can be saved. Select the tabs to go through the different settings for the room. These room settings will allow you to narrow down searches for rooms based on specific resource requirements.

Edit room