What is Space Connect?

As workplace's move to an open plan ‘activity based working’ environment, property managers are challenged with ensuring effective utilisation of the space, and for employees, ensuring the experience is seamless and they can access space with ease when they need it.

With Space Connect, employees are able to easily manage their desk and meeting room bookings by automatically booking space as and when they need it. Space Connect also automatically checks them in and out and automatically makes space available if there is a no-show using Beacon and Ambient Intelligence technology. For property managers, this means real-time live insights in how space is been utilised. Our space utilisation algorithms also predict future space requirements based on current usage and future demands.

Space Connect uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology to identify who is in a room; at a desk; or informal space around the office. When you walk into a space with a beacon in it, our mobile app starts to tell the room that you've arrived. The app will periodically let the space know you are there and update any calendars connected to the space.

Space Connect then automates tasks/activities on your behalf. For example, when you arrive at a room, our mobile app will connect with the beacon in the room and automatically check you in and confirm that you have arrived for the meeting.

If you did not have the room booked when you arrive, Space Connect will automatically check if the room is available for you to book on the spot.