Viewing Catering Events (Outlook addin)

Catering events are created through the Spaceconnect Outlook Addin.  The addin also includes a page to view the users upcoming catering events.


Step 1: Open Outlook addin

Open the outlook addin as normal (create a new event, open the Spaceconnect addin from the menu bar).  When the catering module is enabled, the landing page of the addin shows an option for "My Catering Events".


Step 2: Select Catering events

Open the Catering Events page.  Select a location and a date to view the list of catering events for the selected date.  The results are then listed below with key details of the catering events.


Step 3: View event details

When viewing the list of catering events, it is possible click "VIEW EVENT" to see further details.