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Register a Visitor

If Visitor Management is enabled the user will be able to pre-register any visitors. Pre-registering visitors makes it easier for reception staff, but also sends an email to the visitor with their date and time of the meeting aswell as the adress of the building and an authorisation code to show the reception. It is also possible to  link the system up to a label/badge printer, if done, the reception team will be able to have badges or labels ready to make the signing in process as smooth as possible.


Step 1: Create a new appointment

In Outlook, go to the calendar and select ‘New Meeting’.  The standard "New meeting" dialog will appear.


Step 2: Open the Add-in

From the ribbon toolbar, click on the SpaceConnect add in which has the text "Search for Available Spaces".  


The Add-in will launch in a side bar on the right.  Click on "Get Started" to login (A small window may appear whilst the system authenticates you).  The addin "Home page" will then be displayed.



Step 3: Navigate to the Register a Visitor page

Click on "Register a Visitor" and the "Visitors" page will open.

Important- Be sure to read the note at the top of the form. Failure to do so could result in a double registration, sending both the reception team and the visitor the information twice.


The first five fields relate to the meeting information:

  1. Location
  2. Level
  3. Meeting Date
  4. Start Time
  5. End Time

The second five fields relate to the visitors details:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Mobile number
  5. Company


Once these details have been filled in, click "REGISTER". A confirmation page will then be displayed.


Step 4: Confirmation email

Once registered, the visitor will also receive a confirmation email. This contains information about the meeting along with a preregistration code.  When the visitor arrives at the meeting location, they can enter the code into he VMS application to retrieve their meeting details.

The "Pre-Registered Visitors" section In the admin portal will also be updated, so the reception team could check for any updates regularly if they had access.