New Customer Checklist

This page details the key information that is required to start using Space Connect. This information can be provided for the Space Connect team to load, or clients may add this information through the Admin Portal. 

Office details:
Space Connect requires an office name and address.
( “London Office”, “15 The Strand, London WC2R 0EZ”)


A list of all the building levels that should be loaded into Space Connect
(“First Floor”, “2nd Floor”)


Room Details:
A list of all rooms that should be loaded into Space Connect including:

  • Room name (“Board Room”)
  • Level (“Level 2”)
  • Room email address – the resource mailbox name from exchange


Desk list:
A list of all desks that should be loaded into Space Connect including:

  • Desk name (“D01-002”, “Desk L3/004”)
  • Level
  • Desk type (Bookable, Agile, or Fixed to a named person)


Provide a list of all domains that users will use when accessing Space Connect. 
(,, and


Company logo (Optional):
Please provide a company logo in PNG, JPEG, or GIF.


Office photo (optional)
This does not need to be a photo of your office. It can be any image. It does however need to be one of the following formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF.



Optional Features

SpaceConnect has several optional features.  If these are required then further information is necessary and should be provided to Space Connect.


Interactive Mapping:
If using Interactive maps provide a full floorplan for each level.  These must be annotated with labels for the desk names, room names, and zones.


Docking Station monitor:
If using docking stations for automatic checkin at agile desks, provide the MAC addresses of the docking station at each desk.


Sensor integration:
If using BLE sensors for automatic checkin to rooms or desks, the sensor details must be provided including for each room/desk;

  • UUID (for the building)
  • Major Identifier (for the level)
  • Minor Identifier (for the specific sensor)


Room Features (optional):
Additional information can be provided for meeting rooms including:

  • Room capacity
  • Zone/neighbourhood
  • Room type (meeting or training)
  • Room resources,
  • Booking restrictions
  • Polycom trio serial numbers.