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Find Available Rooms

Outlook is a good tool for booking meetings and it has native functionality for adding rooms.  The Spaceconnect outlook addin can be used to provide additional features such as searching for rooms based on resources, or managing catering


Step 1: Create a new appointment

In Outlook, go to the calendar and select ‘New Meeting’.  The standard "New meeting" dialog will appear.


Step 2: Open the Add-in

From the ribbon toolbar, click on the SpaceConnect add in which has the text "Search for Available Spaces".  


The Add-in will launch in a side bar on the right.  Click on "Get Started" to login (A small window may appear whilst the system authenticates you).  The addin "Home page" will then be displayed.


Step 3: Find Available Rooms

Click on the "Find Available Rooms". The room preferences page will then open allowing you to specify search criteria.

Important: When searching for available rooms, the addin uses the dates and times from the Outlook event.

  • Location
    These are the building locations defined in Spaceconnect.
    For example, "I want to find a room in the London office".
  • Level
    These are the levels or floors within the selected building.  Also defined in Spaceconnect.
    For example, "In the London office, I want a room on the second floor ".
  • Seating Capacity
    Rooms listed in Spaceconnect can have a capacity defined that can be used to search. 
    This field is not linked to the "Capacity" field held in Exchange.
    For example, "I want a room that can seat eight people".
  • Room Type
    Rooms in Spaceconnect can be categorised such as "Training Room" or "Meeting Room".
    For example, "I want a training room".
  • Resources
    It is possible to record resources for each room in Spaceconnect. This information can then be used for searching.
    For example, "I want a room with a projector and video conferencing".

Enter the required search criteria and click on "NEXT".


Step 4: Select Room

The next page will display a list of available rooms that the search criteria and meeting date/time. 
Click "MAP VIEW" to display a floorplan with the selected room highlighted and help make an informed choice.


Click on "ADD TO BOOKING".   The selected room is then added to the meeting in the Outlook event.
The window will remain open if you wish to change the room. If happy with the room selection, click "CLOSE" or the addin can be fully closed.

Continue to create the event in Outlook as usual and click "Send" as usual to make the room booking.