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Find a Colleague

Find a colleague is a great way to locate anyone using an Agile desk. This makes it easier for a user to choose a desk based on where other members of their team are sitting.


Step 1: Create a new appointment

In Outlook, go to the calendar and select ‘New Meeting’.  The standard "New meeting" dialog will appear.


Step 2: Open the Add-in

From the ribbon toolbar, click on the SpaceConnect add in which has the text "Search for Available Spaces".  


The Add-in will launch in a side bar on the right.  Click on "Get Started" to login (A small window may appear whilst the system authenticates you).  The addin "Home page" will then be displayed.


Step 3: Find a Colleague

Click on the "Find a Colleague" tab. This is a link that will open a window to the Spacefinder locating site.

Select a level and type in a colleagues Email address, the system has an assist function so it will give suggestions that match whats been typed.

The colleague will appear highlighted on the map.