Enabling Space Connect for Desk Booking

Before you can enable Space Connect desk booking, you must download and Install Embrava Connect.



The following items are required to be installed in order to configure Desk Booking with Space Connect:

  1. Space Connect Desk License

  2. Embrava Connect v 5.1.1 or greater

  3. Embrava Density Feature for Space Connect License Key

  4. Blynclight IPE device – either of the following:

    • Blynclight Standard (BLYNCUSB40)

    • Blynclight Plus (BLYNCUSB40S)

    • Blynclight Mini (BLMINI40)

    • Blynclight Wireless (BLWRLS40)

    • Blynclight Embedded (BLWRLS30EMB)

    • Blynclight Nameplate (BLNAMEPLT40)

  5. UC Platform (Optional if you would like to also display user availability on the Blynclight IPE). Support Platforms include:

    • Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync

    • Cisco Jabber

    • RingCentral

    • Genesys PureCloud

    • Cisco Finesse

    • CounterPath Bria


In order to have the Embrava Connect application automatically create and end bookings within Space Connect the following steps in Embrava Connect are required:


Step 1: Open Embrava

Open Embrava Connect on your desktop computer.
Select the Help -> About menu.
Select "Upgrade with Embrava Connect"
Enter your Embrava Connect License key provided by Embrava


Step 2: Select connection to Space Connect

Once the license key has been entered, you will now see the Space Connect option within Connections of Embrava Connect.
Select "Space Connect" in the Connections list.


Step 3: Enter Space Connect API Key

Once Embrava Connect has successfully connected, the following Space Connect tab will be displayed.
Select the "Activate Account" button on Space Connect tab.
Enter the Space Connect API key you created earlier and select the "Activate" button.
Once the API key is validated, the "Account Activated" screen will display.

You are now ready to start using Space Connect with your Embrava device for desk management.