Deleting a desk

Sometimes desks are no longer required - perhaps following a reorganisation.  When this happens, SpaceConnect will need to be updated so that users are no longer able to book this desk.

As a system administrator, follow these steps to delete a desk.


Step 1: Login

Login to the Spaceconnect Admin Portal (


Step 2: Navigate to Desk list

The landing page will display your locations. 
For the relevant location, click on "View".  This then shows all levels for that location. 
For the relevant level, click on "Manage Desks" to then display a list of desks for that location/level.


Step 3: Delete desk

When viewing the list of desks, click "DELETE" for the relevant desk.
A confirmation dialog is then displayed.  Click "OK" to proceed and the desk is then deleted.

Desks can be deleted at any time with no adverse impacts on the system. 
Any bookings for that desk will also be removed . It is important to note that no notifications are sent to users affected by this.